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Due to the limited pages, here is only part of the typical sight-seeing spots and outdoor activity spots. Besides the places that we have introduced, there are still a lot of worth-going spots around. We are always ready to provide you other suggestions and plans according to your time budget and preferences. We hope you feel your trip enjoyable and meaningful.

Jade Beach (Hisui Kaigan)

The beautiful Miyazaki-Sakai Beach, also known as Jade Beach, is a 4km long shingly beach extending east and west. It has been selected as one of the Japan’s 100 Most Beautiful Beaches. Furthermore, gemstones of jade have been washed ashore only onto this Jade Beach and the very limited areas connected with in Itoigawa city of Niigata Prefecture among the coasts in Japan. That is why the coast is named the Jade Beach.

The lovely scenery which is known as “The quartet of spring” can be viewed

About 280 Yoshino cherry trees are grown along the banks of the river for 1.2km; in the background, there is Mt. Asahidake with remaining snow and Hakuba mountain range; under the foot, tulip beds and rape blossoms spread in front of your eyes.

Asahimachi Historical Park

Town house ”Kawakami” of Edo period is remained in the park that tourists can learn how to make Batabatacha, a traditional habit of Birudani area of Asahi Town, in there. This spacious park is used for different kinds of events, and is also used as a sports ground. The lotus pond in the park makes the place even more charming.
Town house ”Kawakami” is now being used as the management building and a display room of old daily necessaries. Tourists may take a rest there and have a cup of Batabatacha.

Fudoudou Ruins

In Fudoudou Ruins site, there are 19 blocks of habitations, 9 deep holes which were conceivable as food storehouse and a lot of potteries and containers of the same mid-Jomon era were found.
Among the habitations, block no.2 is regarded as the biggest pit dwelling house of that period in Japan. It is 4 to 5 times spacious than normal pit dwelling house, and is divided into 2 rooms. It might be used for public use like an assembly hall instead of a common dwelling.

Shiroyama (Castle hill) (248m)

This is the oldest remains of mountain castle in the prefecture, where you can get a full view of Noto Peninsula, Oyashirazu, the shoreline right under the hill and the town on fine days. The castle was built as an important military spot in Heian era by the supporters of Taira clan, Kiso Yoshinaka of Genji party and a member of local baronial family- Miyasaki Taronagayasu, in order to prefect the first prince-Hokurokunomiya of Mochihito from the power struggle among the imperial family.
The stone walls of outer citadel and the outermost part of castle are rarely can find in Toyama Prefecture in nowadays. Moreover, memorial towers of Hokurokunomiya and Miyasaki Taronagayasu are built at the outermost part of castle.

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